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Which are the opportunities and limits of a Marine Protected Area? An event by the University of Palermo.
Alan Deidun - February 2019

"Which are the opportunities and limits of a Marine Protected Area?" 28th January, the team from the University of Palermo has presented HARMONY Project (A successful INTERREG Italia Malta lead by UNIPA) and started a very important moment of dialogue and reflection over the perceived priorities by the end-users of the Capo Gallo-Isola delle Femmine MPA (one among the project's study area). A total of 50 students and several teachers at the Istituto Superiore Nautico "Gioeni-Trabia" di Palermo animated the debate.

Apart from the scientific aspects of cooperation belonging to the seabed integrity and non-indigenous species, HARMONY promote an integrated, multistakeholders, bottom-up approach, or rather a data inventory and collection starting from the perceived needs of societies with the final aim to reach a more effective environmental conservation. All together for a future of conservation and management, more comprehensive and coherent, to foster governance structures based on the scientific evidence and socio-economic features reflecting the local need of the engaged stakeholders.