What is the participatory process?

The Harmony Participatory Process is an initiative to design and implement a structured exchange system in order to share in-depth analyses, promote interactive meetings and work on common goals for all of the Harmony project activities. Click here to see participatory activities.

What methods will this entail? Through remote collaborative working practices exploiting easily accessible and free IT solutions - a collaborative platform in which different actors can start generative processes together, representing much more than the sum of the individual players involved.

This working method will be based on the circulation of shared online documents as a testbed to experiment collaborative writing practices and remote reviews.

Online Documents
A space on the Google account drive dedicated to the Harmony project will be organised in folders, to be shared with the partners.

Online Survey
Stakeholders will be invited to express their views through an online questionnaire system.

Co-Design Sessions
Co-design sessions via Hangout and the Jam Board platform (which offers a virtual whiteboard on which to design tools such as reporting forms, posters and leaflets).

E-mailing and Social Communication
Social communication tools and emails will be used to provide updates, which originally would have been given at the beginning of each face-to-face meeting.

Electronic Participatory Meetings
Online conferences on Hangouts, flanked by streaming on the Facebook platform or similar platforms, will be dedicated to the communication and validation of the project outputs.

Project App Launch
The Harmony stakeholders, supported by developers, start-uppers, creators, designers and scientists, will be working online to formulate strategies to engage with and reward stakeholders potentially interested to use the Harmony app.

Participation in HARMONY at the time of COVID-19