Participated process for the common policy
May 2020

The Harmony project as part of WP5 involves the development of a “decisional participated process” with the final aim of identify and propose implementing policy tools for the marine biodiversity conservation based on the sharing of technical resources and knowledges and on harmonization of processes and methods.

This activity consists of the realization of a structured process of shared exchange and elaboration, involving actively different stakeholder interested in the Project topics, with the final aim of elaborate and propose technical and organizational solutions as well as decisional tools inclusive of the interests and points of view of the stakeholders.

The activity is organized in several “participatory activities” in which every activity or event represents a step of the entire path and contributes to reach a specific result (to analyze a problem, to identify a shared solution, to define an agreement, etc) useful for the achievement of the final objective of the path.

The Participatory activities involve the use of different participatory techniques (brainstorming, focus group, co design lab, etc) selected on the base of the objective to achieve and of the involved stakeholder. The activities are carried out both on site and on line mode. To deepen go to the section “participation” in the homepage

The Participatory process in Harmony deals with the policy tools of biodiversity conservation in the cross border area related to:

  • Monitoring and control system of the Non Indigenous Species
  • Monitoring system of Sea Floor Integrity